This program is for you if:

  • You're worried that with everyone at home, your kids will fall behind and you won't be able to keep up
  • Your kids don't have a dedicated learning space
  • You want to learn how to create an ideal home classroom where focus and productivity are prioritized
  • You're frustrated that you'll be expected to cook 3 square meals a day
  • You're worried that you'll have even LESS time to take care of yourself

Here's what you get:

  • Learning Modules with video tutorials & lessons
  • 1, private, 30 minute Zoom call
  • Printable worksheets & helpful templates, checklists and more
  • Fun, engaging homework assignments, including before & after photo projects
  • Printable, graduation certificate, and access to us via Voxer chat

Hi, We're Lauren & Pamela.

We're the Mother/Daughter duo of the Feng Shui collective. Our mission is to make the planet a more beautiful place and to help you achieve your goals. We have over 4 decades of combined experience and we're passionate about lifelong learning, setting and achieving your goals, turning your home into a sanctuary, cooking and wine!

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Section 1: Goal Setting & Feng Shui 101

Get crystal clear on your goals, learn to orient the Bagua map and understand how to activate the energy in your home to enhance student success

Section 2: Choosing Work/Study Locations

Learn where and where NOT to set up your home classroom environments and why. View your home with a fresh lens of opportunity.

Section 3: Cleaning, Clutter, Design & Decor

Get to work! This section will guide you how to physically set up, declutter and decorate your work/study locations.

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